Account Generation Tool

2013/03/21: New Shell

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Instructions: Collect : Receive
Create an FTP receive area on
Create an FTP customer collection area on
Customer collects files SGI Internal --> Collect Area --> Remote Customer SGI receives files Remote Customer --> Receive Area --> SGI Internal


  • Files under the collect and receive area are purged after 6 days
  • Directories will stick around for 30 days.
  • Files anywhere else (including home directories) can be removed at ANY TIME.
  • Anonymous ftp can only retrieve files from the machine if they have been placed there by a real user on the machine.
  • Only real users can retrieve files placed on the machine by anonymous ftp.
  • The name of the directory created in the "receive" and "collect" areas is limited to 8 chars.
  • Mail cannot be "received" by accounts on

Refer problems to Datacenter Operations